BCIS 27: A Discussion With Internet Entrepreneur Yaro Starak [Audio Interview]

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I found Yaro’s blog in 2012 when one of my friend Harneet Bhalla suggested me to start reading this blog. The very first page I started reading on this blog was Make Money Online, where I came to know about real meaning of blogging and things were absolutely clear once I completed this section in 10 days.

His book “Blog Profits Blueprint” is one of the best books I came across in my blogging journey as this helped me to move further in real blogging. He is the creator of awesome online products and course EJ Insider where you can learn blogging tips and touch new level with his guidelines.

Yaro is from Australia who is helping people all across the globe with his EntrepreneurshipInternet MarketingSelling Information OnlineBloggingStartups and Personal Development tips on his blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com.

Yaro Starak

Let’s start the interview

1. Yaro, Tell us about your story. How the idea to start a blog came in your mind, from where you started and where are you today?

I started a website back in 1999 about a card game I used to play called magically gathering, that was a hobby site which I very very slowly grow into a site that made money, I don’t called it really big business or anything but did make some money by advertising.

I used to sell cards there as well which gave me a lot of experience about running a website and having an internet business of some kind then I eventually sold that business website and started a proof reading business called BetterEdit which was my first real proper startup. It was a company that I was focused on after I graduated from university.

I grew eventually at the point where I made enough money to live off. It was my first full-time income stream, for my own business and while I was running it I was told about these things called blog.

I was recommended that I start a blog to get traffic to my proof reading business. That was the year around 2004 and I start a blog, I wasn’t sure what they were but I decided to try out, so I installed some blog softwares in my proof reading website and rest is really history. :)

I continued to learn blogging through that blog but I discovered that I didn’t like proofreading as a subject to write about so I instead registered Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and begin writing about the subject which I like to write which mostly focused on being an entrepreneur, having an online business things like lifestyle design productivity and personal development.

Making money on the internet those sorts of subjects and I am still writing it today, so it’s been 8 years now that I have that blog and it’s been my main business for atleast 6-7 of those years and still is today.

2. Blogging is something which is creating fortune for people who took it very seriously, and cared to share awesome things with world. According to you what are the things which make one blogger successful and other blogger as failure?

Well there are lots of things behind it but if you really focus on only one key thing, the most important thing I believe that makes one blogger or really one person very successful compared to someone else who tries to do the same thing it comes down to MINDSET.

I really think that Mindset is the start of all the success and obviously the root of failure.

So if you don’t have the right attitude, don’t have the right belief, don’t have the right education, the right sort of experience which you are developing and your attitude around them then you just not gonna succeed because for example early on it’s not gonna be fast world, you have to do a lot of work, you gonna get very very slow results and if you are not motivate the key working, which comes to mindset, you won’t continue and you’ll give up before you succeed.

Successful people have the mindset over goal they are looking for, and they are willing to put their work even when they are not having what you would call additional success. They are having mot much traffic, not much audience, not making any money that they see the big picture, they are liking their journey and their mindset carry them through.

That’s why I think mindset is the difference between the success or failure in anything.

For rest of the questions download audio file and learn from Yaro.

Resources mentioned in the interview

Click here to download MP3 – 3omb

Special thanks to Rohit Chugh for doing video editing.

Note: This was my first audio interview so my voice might sound little weird. I have ordered Blue Yeti Microphone so for next interviews I will be more professional. :)

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    Hey Kulwant,

    Great write and interview! Another batch of great interview :)

    I came to know Yaro from some huge sites but have not really got into his ‘business’ or blog. GUess now it is the time to check it out.

    Thanks mate for sharing!

    • says

      Glad to see you around again Reginald. I just loved his work as he is teaching damn awesome tips to everyone. Check the link saying “Make Money Online” in the article and see yourself.

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    It was awesome feeling while editing this interview….I have listened this interview for many times while editing……very nice feeling when you got opportunity to do something like this. Thanks Kulwant sir for giving me this opportunity and thanks for mentioning me in interview

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    Really nice Interview Kulwant..It is nice to see that how some people make their hobby as their business…I never knew about Yaro’s blog before but definitely going to check it now and that’s all because of your informative blog Blogging Cage….

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    Wonderful interview, Just downloaded the audio version and I’ll listen to it later. So it seems like you’re set to Podcast interviews. And I’m hoping to see more interview ahead.


  5. Rupali says

    Awesome Interview Kulwant ! Inspirational too. Keep doing such a work for other bloggers because you are inspiring everyone, atleast me.

  6. Sagar Rai says

    Awesome interview Kulwant! I’ve habitually looked up to Yaro and he really rocks at internet marketing and social media :)

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    Nice to hear the audio interview, its easy to put in to the digital gadgets and hear whenever we want. Thanks to the awesome interview with Yaro Starak.

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    “I really think that Mindset is the start of all the success and obviously the root of failure.” I would like to quote these words of STARAK…..because this is the thing which comes after such an experience.
    Awesome interview Kulwant. You added up one more person in my inspiration list.
    Thanks a lot

    • says

      I know I am replying this little late..

      Thanks for being here Charmie and pointing our great quote given by Yaro.. Have a great day. :)

  9. Mosam says

    Hello sir, again a great compilation of an interview with an emerged entrepreneur. He seems to be a cool guy.
    Thank you so much sir. :)


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    Well I know Yaro Starak and I’ve following him a while ago. The interview was really amazing I still want to re-listen to the audio. It was really awesome experience to listen to audio version of interview.


  11. ritu says

    What an interview, truly inspiring. Just that the audio plugin you have gave here isn’t playing. I haven’t tried the download link though but still, please check the audio playback plugin. Great interview, Kudos to Sir!

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      Hi Ritu, this is not a plugin. I am using default feature of WordPress. Can you please tell me if the problem still persists..

  12. Sahil Dhull says

    Hi Kulwant,

    Really a great interview you had helped me to know entrepreneurship more. Thanks to the Yaro, he is doing well. This is a new change with Blogging Cage as you had interviewed with audio.