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This is the 16th interview from our interview series and I am very happy as we just completed 4 uninterrupted months.

Hopefully I will be continuing this journey as long as possible.

Last weekend we interviewed Ritesh Sarvaiya who shared very good entrepreneurial skills with us and he became the CEO of a company by following his passion.

This weekend we have Rohit Langde with us who is the owner of Blogsolute. He started this blog in year 2008 and has been featured on many big blogs. This blog is a pure technology blog where you can get in touch with latest tech tips and information about tech products.

I would like to say thanks to him for giving us time to share his secrets and blogging journey.


Let’s start interesting talk.

1. Share your background with us.

I hail from a suburb of Nagpur, Mechanical Engineer by qualification but insanely in love with Internet. Born and brought up in lower middle class family with an extreme hunger to live life lavishly.

2. What is blogging for you?

In one Word: Life.

Whatever I am today and wherever I stand in my life is because of Blogging. Even you reached out to me for interview for the same reason.

3. How you entered in blogging?

In the era of Orkut, I was an active member on some software technology communities. One of the Community owner chose me to moderate his Forum board. His name too happens to be Rohit. And while I was devoting my full energy and efforts to keep the Forum running, I noticed that the owner has started his own Blogspot blog leaving me.

I felt alone there so started my own blog just out of curiosity and sheer passion.

4. What were the obstacles you faced in starting days of blogging?

Technically None. Not to brag about but I am pretty good at solving Blog development related issues right from hosting to designs to coding all by myself. Jack of all but master of none you can call.

But poor academic reports (of course because of less devotion to studies) made my Parents bother. This was the only tough situation. It was made tougher because I failed to make them understand 1. What exactly I used to do sitting online 2. What will be its outcome? And 3. How will it be helpful in my career? Reason was Simple- Even I wasn’t sure where I am heading to.

5. How much time you spent to make you first dollar online?

Honestly, I didn’t t start blog to make money. I did that just to see my name on Computer from anywhere in the World. I realized money can be made only when my blog started getting something 100-250 visits per day.

So, it only took a day or two to make First Dollar online.

P.S. I came to know about Statcounter only after reaching that amount of traffic.

6. Traffic is the biggest concern for newbies. What you did to attract tons of visitors on your blog?

That’s the concern but if you keep in mind one thing which I preach and practice too- “Quality over Quantity”, you won’t have to worry more about it.

7. Newbies want to earn money as soon as possible. What would you like to suggest them and which approach they should follow?

This is the biggest concern today. There has been alarming rise in the number of blogs post 2010 and majority of these are Indians. I am not against the thinking of making money from Blogs but I feel bad when newbies publish ethically wrong things. Like giving out wrong information without any cross-research just to grab position in SERP and hence cluttering the web. Just because Finance and Medical topics have higher eCPM, I have seen people around me starting a blog on those things when they have remotely no idea about it. Just think of a person reading your blog and following things you wrote or copy-pasted (in better words). It may cause hazardous to someone’s life.

8. You made big money with AdSense. Why you selected AdSense and which other methods you tried to monetize your blog?

In early days, I tried many Advertiser networks namely Bidvertiser, AdBrite, Chitika, WidgetBucks, Tyroo, Microsoft Publisher Network, SMX Ads and many more but each one of them had their own problems. Some had low CPM, irrelevant ads or sometimes low fill rate which made me conclude that Adsense is comparatively better than others.

9. What promotional methods you are using these days to promote your blog?

Social Media and Email Outreach is what I am experimenting with. Trying to engage more on Comments and Google+ but academic schedule doesn’t allow spending much time on those things.

10. Which premium tools you are using now and which you recommend to my readers?

Talking about Premium, I recently started offering News Letters via Aweber. That’s it. Otherwise, Blog runs totally penniless except minimal Hosting charges.

11. Do you spend time to do SEO? If yes then what are the methods you are using for link building?

Call me crazy but I have started taking SEO lessons recently. No link building methods are used till date for build traffic for Blogsolute.

12. Which were the blogs that motivated you? How much time you spent reading them in starting days and how much time you are spending now?

Truth is, I am neither a fan of any blog nor read any blog specifically. Just stumble over titles in my Reader list and News feed and click on it if interesting.

13. What are your thoughts about BCIS (Blogging Cage Interview Series)?

Personally, I am following this series from a long time. Such Interviews helped me come to know many new people and some unknown things about people whom I already knew.

14. Who is the blogger whom you would like to meet once in your life and why?

I really like to meet like-minded people whom I have only seen on news feeds. This is the main reason I attend Blogging meets and Conferences. There is no specific person as such. If I am in your city, I would be glad to have a coffee with you too. 

15. How you differentiate yourself from other bloggers?

I stopped comparing myself with others and this led to a big change in my thinking. I am no more in rat race and not forcing my team to compete with others.

16. What are your future plans with your blog and new ventures?

After completing Master’s degree, I won’t restrict myself only to Blogging. And to become Solopreneur, I have already started training myself and you’ll soon come to know about new ventures.

17. Message for my readers.

Do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.



  1. Theodore Nwangene says

    Hi Kulwant,
    This is really a very cool interview and i enjoyed every bit of it. This is the kind of things i like reading because you’ll be inspired at the end just as i am right now.

    You seem to be totally different from most bloggers Mr Rohit. You don’t do SEO, You founds nothing difficult, not using any premium tool and you’re not a fan of any blog., that is just interesting indeed.

    Just like yourself, i also started blogging because i wanted my name to appear in the computer but now, money is coming on its own… Isn’t that wonderful?

    I also agree with you that its good to always focus on quality instead of quantity. I’ve really learnt a lot from this interview Kulwant. Thanks for sharing and do have a splendid weekend :)
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..Just a Question: Who Else Want to Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Kulwant,
    These interview series are really inspirational. I have come to know a lot about these pro bloggers. One thing that is common among all is the courage to follow what they are passionate about. It is true for every phase of our life. If we blog only for the sake of money, it will get us nowhere. But if we do it to help others and contribute something to the society, then our blog automatically gets the attention it deserves. Rohit is a great guy and I wish him all the luck for his future plans.
    vicky recently posted..Planet Sports Online – Flat Rs.699 Off on Rs.1599 Deal CodeMy Profile

  3. says

    In the year 2008 I was a avid reader of his blog on blogspot which he later shifted to wordpress self hosted site. even I started my blog taking him as an inspiration

  4. says

    hi Rohit,
    back in 2002-03, I had started a blogspot blog and a geocities yahoo page for the same purpose. I wanted my name on the internet, it was fun to do so. I was in school then.
    Good to know that you are using aweber, I have tried mailchimp and aweber both, and aweber totally justifies the expense.
    Nice interview Kulwant, looking foreword to checkout blogsolute and bloggingcage more often,

  5. says

    Glad to see you again…
    I love the conclusion part “Do what interests you, at least one person is pleased”
    I am among the list of those who fail to convince their parents and I am also very much interested in Start up of my own.
    Anyways Nice Interview as usual!

    Thanks Kulwant for Bringing in Rohit. I used to follow Blogsolute long back. He used to post nice anti virus stuffs then again after long gap I am visiting his blog.
    Vijesh recently posted..3 Months of my Blogging Journey with Blog in GraceMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Kulwant Sir and Rohit Sir ,
    First , i would like to thank Kulwant sir For Presenting such a Awesome Inspirational Interview. Rohit Sir , I’m your Regular Visitor and Love to Read our Posts. The Way you write is Fascinating and easy to understand! I hope Bloggingcage and Blogsolute Both of the Blogs may Rock and Shake the blogosphere :)
    Well , Rohit Sir , I’m From Nagpur Too!
    Good Luck!
    Happy Blogging ;)
    Shantanu recently posted..What exactly is Domain of your website?My Profile

  7. says

    I don’t know if Rohit remembers or not but I used to write for At that time (in 2009) he used to pay me $1 per article. I was newbie that time but I must say it is because of the I got interested too much in the blogging field.

    Rohit is a good hearted man.
    Good luck for your future ventures Rohit.

    Kulwant Nagi you are doing great with the BCIS. It helps us stay connected with our fellow bloggers.
    Bilal Ahmad recently posted..Hide Your IP Address with the Best VPN ServiceMy Profile

    • says

      wow Bilal.

      I an glad to hear that you did great struggle in the starting days and got associated with great people.

      I met Rohit in WordCamp event this year and found him an interesting and good-natured guy.

      Thanks for your 2 cents, Bilal.

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