After the Deadline: WordPress Spell Checking Plugin


Good spellings and grammar is first priority to have great and compelling content. Having fewer mistakes in article always add more value in it and people love to enjoy articles with fewer mistakes.

We as Indian bloggers always face difficulties to write great content and to produce same tone as foreign bloggers. English is not our first language so having difficulty in it is very obvious. But the thing is we must keep putting our efforts to improve the skills and to learn new things. Yesterday I wrote about Windows Live Writer which is a software from Microsoft to help you do better writing on editor.

I confess that I was making many small mistakes while writing and those mistakes were even non-catchable after proofreading.

So I decided to look for the option which can help me to make as fewer mistakes as I can.


After the deadline is such a plugin which can help you to rectify the mistakes if there are any. This is available as Firefox Addon, Chrome Extension and WordPress plugin.

How to Install?

Installation of this plugin is very easy and simple.

1. Go to Plugins > Add New

2. Search After the Deadline


3. Click on Install Now and Activate the plugin.

How this works?

You need not to do any extra setting to run this plugin.

1. This plugin will automatically scan your article and when you will try to publish your article. It will give you popup to check your article.

Here is screenshot


2. Click on Cancel and it will start showing you all suggested modifications. All the suggested changed will be having Red and Green underlines. Click on that and it will show you correct word.

See Screenshot


After rectifying all the mistakes you can publish your article.


Final Word!!

This plugin will help you a lot to produce quality content with fewer mistakes. Start using is and see how much mistakes you were making in your previous articles.



  1. adeel hassan says

    its help me for writing articles on wordpress because my english is not enough good. Greate post with detail guide for me i download it and using it happily

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