Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Marketers and Bloggers

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Choosing an Affiliate Program for Earning is a Big War now. In Market there are Thousands of Affiliate networks who are paying and satisfying Publishers. Here in My Article I brought “Top 10 best affiliate programs for developers and blogger” which will clear your mindset to choose a good affiliate network for earning healthy.

With the incoming of the internet in the society the world has become digital. Now maximum work is done over the internet. People have become a puppet in the hands of the various search engines and other features of the web world.

So, whether it is searching answer for a question, or doing shopping sitting at home or earning living from the computer everything is possible.Online business is the hit of the time and various tactics and plans are emerging to give new ideas to the people in order to earn their living.

One such way out is the affiliate program systems. These are affiliate marketing websites that are used by the bloggers and developers to earn money in return of the services provided by them over the particular network.

Talking in very basic language it is the sale of a person’s product online and getting commission out of that for selling it online. It is a two-way process. It is an advantageous way of shopping for the customers and also a way of earning commission for the advertisers. There are various affiliate networks that has many things to offer to the various bloggers and developers.

Though the use of various affiliate program entirely depend upon the need and capability of the blogger but there are some programs that are very widely used such as:

#1. (Pay Per Lead Network)

amazon is one of the top rated online shopping brands at present. It can be also said that it is this particular program that told the world about the concept of affiliate. Almost all the major brands of European countries have their investment in A customer gets almost all the products from clothes to books and everything on this site in a quick view.

Developers can get easy access and affiliates from amazon. The only matter is the commission part that increases with the amount of the product. If a person earns 4% for books the can earn 14% for televisions. Thus, higher you range higher the commission you get, this is the main criteria and agenda of this blogger site.

One more thing that attracts a number of bloggers and developers to this program is that they make sure that the commission of a particular product sold is given within 24 hours of the sale.

Join Amazon Affiliate

#2. (Pay Per Visit Network)

If You have a Website and you have no idea which Affiliate Network you choose , then Here is a Solution for You. is First “Pay Per Visit” Network who are Paying to their Publishers on Per Visits on their Ads.They are Like Pay Per Click,but Little bit Different from them. In PPC Network You will only gets earnings on Clicks and If Someone Do Bad Clicks then there is Always Fear of Account Disabling.

I got My Account Disabled by Google Adsense After Reaching $100 due to these Bad Clicks.

But in PPV Network you can Redirect your Traffic to Affiliate Link and you will get payout. It doesn’t Matter Visitor Purchased their product or not. is a Unique concept which is Highly Used now a days. It is a simple technique to Pay Affiliates in a New Manner.

Shineads Network having 5000+ Publishers Registered and Still emerging with such a nice Idea.

Join ShineAds Affiliate

#3. Rakuten Linkshare


Blue Book claimed Rakuten Linkshare to be the number one affiliate networks among the top 20 networks. The competition was among over a number of 10 million partners among which it was ranked the number one. Rakuten is a Japanese business company that is in the business of lead generation for the developers and also for affiliate marketing.

The network offers many numbers of programs in which a blogger or a developer can be interested. To start with the whole system the very first thing that a person needs to do is to apply for the products on a program. After the application is approved the ads can be shown. The only drawback or a strict nature of the network is that a blogger needs to take approval from each program individually.

LinkShare is among the most trusted network ever been. There are a number of bloggers and partners who have claimed its trustfulness and efficiency. Among the various advantages that it boasts one is that a person can earn even a small amount from the network, it is not that the amount has to be a big figure. The cheques provided are easily deposited and can be encashed.

Join LinkShare Affiliate

#4. (Themes Marketplace)

thememonstor is something that is made out of some innovative ideas and some great thoughts behind it. It is a marketplace that provides place for the items that are a part of the modern world. A person browsing in this site will be amazed to check out the great numbers of digital products, WordPress themes, templates and many more that has become the need of the modern world.

Authors and affiliates can register themselves with this market place and can provide various featured themes, plugins, templates and many more items. A person can enter this place with the desire of buying various digital products. Authors of themes and templates can have their creation on WordPress, magento and patterns like sliders and others. apart from providing earning to various author and affiliates also has an aim for the community. They have the aim to allow the various digital authors to show their creativity and also to teach them the dealings of the practical world. The marketplace provides a platform for the new authors to learn and experience something that they are looking for since long.

Join Thememonstor Affiliate

#5. ShareASale (Pay Per Sale)


There are a great number of affiliates in the market and amongst them ShareASale surely deserves one of the highest of positions. ShareASale is one of the most popular of the affiliated programs and also stands as the most widely utilized affiliate networks.

This specific affiliate marketing network first took shape in the hands of Brian Littleton in the year 2000 in the state of Chicago in the United States of America. The wide range of categories of programs put forward by ShareASale include, marketing, hosting, general online services, etc.

One of the most well-known and widely used Studio Press and WordPress genesis frameworks is a big part of this affiliate network. Products on this network can be promoted n various ways, one of the most widely used amongst them being banners ads and direct links. For people who target sales through blogging activities, ShareASale is the perfect option for them.

Join Shareasale Affiliate

#6. ClickBank (Pay Per Sale)


All the above mentioned top 10 affiliate programs are best amongst the best. One name which deserves special mention amongst these top affiliate programs is the ClickBank. In the scenario that you are an amateur blogger and thinking of starting with affiliate programming, ClickBank can provide you with the best and most secure platform. Getting registered with the program and acquiring approval is a much easy to be accomplished.

You no more need to be a registered merchant to promote a certain product online. With ClickBank you can easily market the product that interests you to the online consumers. Thanks to the high popularity rate and demand of the products on the site, the rate of commission to the promoters is also as high as 75%. One of the best aspects of ClickBank is its presence of options to promote different products in different ways.

Join ClickBank Affiliate

#7. Commission Junction


One of the most favorite of the affiliate marketing programs accessible online presently is the Commission Junction. It is also one of the oldest of the programs that was set up in the year 1998, in North America. One of the most widely recognized programs put forward by Commission Junction is the Pay Per Call program that pays the individual users commission for creating further leads of products.

The commission Junction is one of the most trusted networks, not only by general users but also by mightily functioning companies such as Fortune 500. Manually applying to the individual merchants makes for a distinct characteristic of the program. This company sponsored and built by Santa Barbara has created a stir amongst the individuals who have intents to earn some income in the way of commissions from affiliate networks as such.

Join Commission Junction Affiliate

#8. eBay Partner Network


Earning an increased amount of money or a substitute means of income is much important in the present economic conditions prevailing all over the world. The eBay Partner Network helps you do just that. This specific affiliate program comprises of all the tools that you might require to launch and run a successful marketing campaign of a specific or a number of product.

The commission paid is good and can differ based on the traffic generated to ebay. One of the mention-able features of the program is its tracking system. All you need to do is make sure that all the traffic is properly tracked. The rest will be done by the tracking system itself, which will guide you with latest updates, on how to enhance your content for higher profits.

It is highly important to set up the tracking facility, as this will give you a wider idea of how the consumers are reacting to your campaign. Get yourself affiliated to the site and enjoy the huge benefits of the network in the form of commissions.

Join eBay Affiliate



Unlike many other affiliate programs the acts as a yearly affiliate program.

The paying system of this specific affiliate program is unique and generous and that is what sets it apart from all the other affiliate programs availed to be affiliated to on the web. Though failed to make to the top of the Blue Book 2012 Affiliate Network’s list it surely took the top spot on the list of the 2012’s Blue Book of the Top 20 CPA Networks.

Commissions to the affiliated users of the program are mainly paid on the basis of downloads, leads, the generation of sale done by them. Commissions are also paid for the generation of new affiliation referrals. has always met with the needs of both the users as well as the consumers and will continue to do so through the thick and thin that the company has and may go through. With competent management on one side and active sales it never fails the users.

Join Neverblue Affiliate



Avangate is Emerging D-Solution for selling any software and services to anybody.They have a unique idea where any individual Can easily find out Pro and Free Softwares. For Publishers and Developers Avangate is becoming Famous day by day because Developers can Sale their Software to Earn $$$. 

Avangate’s market-proven eCommerce business resolution permits software package corporations to speedily embrace trade shifts, reach customers effectively, and adopt new business models with a read to optimizing profits across on-line and offline channels.

Join AvanGate Affiliate


There are a number of affiliate networks available in the world that provide individuals with a number of options to promote various products and items over the net in a number of ways. The affiliate networks mentioned above are some of the best and most well reviewed networks in the world. These are not only referred to as highly functioning networks by the users but also supported by the industry critics and experts.

These top 10 affiliate networks are widely used by people all over the world who are looking forward to build a home based income for themselves, in turn building a substitute or main stream of income on a regular basis. There are massive benefits of getting affiliated to these networks. The process of income is easy to comprehend as well as execute, leading to a never-ending stream of money.

In case that you are not knowledgeable of the functioning of these diverse affiliate networks, this article is enough to let you in on the basic functioning of each of these networks. Going through the above list of affiliate networks is sure to enlighten you with the required and apt data on these networks and the programs introduced and used by them on a regular basis.

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  1. says

    Nice one! A perfect beginner affiliate programs after setup blog. But I am confuse which is better for low traffic sites & gives great price?

    • says

      If you have very little traffic to your website, then my dear friend try to get some really awesome targeted products to endorse from your website. Otherwise you will not be able to generate even $100 per month.

  2. Adarsh says

    Generally affiliate programs are the best to earn huge money by our blog rather then earning pennies by advertisements.
    Any blogger can make more money by affiliate programs then any other way.
    The program listed above are the best affiliate programs by which we bloggers can earn good amount of money.
    Thank you for sharing such a great information…

  3. says

    Nice one. Totally new Affiliate Programs I read it today. I’m going to use it some of them for my blog. Specially I try to register on and

    Thanks for sharing wonderful list for us.

  4. says

    Thanks for the list Mahesh,
    for me CJ is the best for now., it pays very Fast via Direct deposit and have lots of Advertisers including Indian Advertisers.

    Nice Post..

    Keep it Up.

  5. says

    Nice list bro :)

    But the toughest part is to select the good selling product to promote. I once used 3-4 e-junkie products but all resulted in vain, none of them returned sales.

    Still now I’m facing such issues now and then, I’ll b happy if you spare some time in providing some tips in selecting best converting affiliate products.


    • Mahesh says

      Thanks Abhishek For Appreciating my Article. Yes, Amazon is Seriously giving Nice Payouts.Try Other Networks too, These Affiliates networks are used by me for my websites.

  6. says

    Hi Mahesh,

    You have listed some great affiliate websites.:)

    Though people are crazy about making money online and affiliate marketing is a way by which they can make some money only if they choose write product to sell.

    The main thing to look after is the traffic to your blog to whom you are going to sell the product. Promotion is not enough, you need to have the audience to have a look.
    Amazon is the famous company which has amazing products to sell.
    Bloggers should choose the best platform for them.

    Great post.:)

    Enjoy your weekend.:)


    • Mahesh says

      Thanks Ravi,

      Definitely You have to Choose a perfect Affiliate Program according to your need. Affiliate programs always varies on what kind of website you have. If you have Technology website then go for Amazon and If you have Entertainment website go for

      Cheers :)

  7. says

    Nice one, a great list of affiliate network which are very essential for a blogger who want to make money from online. I think amazon is the best as it a old and also trust-able.
    Thanks bro for sharing this article.

  8. says

    Hi Mahesh

    I have worked with Amazon and Shareasale these 2 websites which works very well for me when compare with other sites. Amazon are with more products we have plenty of options to choose them if you choose the high commission it will helps you lot

    • Mahesh says

      Hi Shameem,

      Thats Why I placed Amazon on #1. They are paying remarkably great. I Wish You Good Luck For Your Future, Keep it up.

  9. Rahul Yadav says

    Very Nice Article. Selling product through affiliate marketing is very impotant. out of these which affiliate pays high…………………………..???
    Thnxx 4 sharing this

  10. says

    Hi Mahesh,
    Bookmarked this article. Currently, I am using Clickbank’s and’ affiliate programs and they are great. I also have a share-a-sale affiliate account and had a couple of sales from it too but then I stopped using it after the affiliate product I was promoting got terminated.
    Clickbank is much better than commission junction I feel as I found it more user-friendly. There are some great products too.
    Thanks for sharing this list with us.
    Vineet Saxena

  11. Sangram Barge says

    Hi Mahesh Nice post you have shared some really awesome affiliate programs. I haven’t had much luck with Clickbank and cj however recently tasted success with avangate. I think this is really safe Niche. Anysways thanks for sharing :) this cool list!

  12. says

    Hi Mahesh,
    Nice list of affiliate programs. You almost covered all the reputable affiliate programs in this list.
    Clickbank and amazon are my personal favorite.

  13. says

    Hello Mahesh,
    It is nice seeing you on Kulwant’s blog. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is the best way to go as far as making money is concern.
    Through this post of yours, I have learnt about other affiliate networks as well and I am going to give them a try.
    Thanks for this and do have a great week.

  14. says

    It’s a good list of affiliate options. I especially liked the ShineAds. For a blogger, it is always a dilemma as to which product should be promoted. That’s why I believe affiliate marketing works the best for niche blogs. Just promote products in your niche.

  15. Purushottam Kadam says

    Very nice collection these affiliates are mostly used by million I am also using this affiliates to make money from it and shareasale is best where we can join many affiliated at one place so no need to create separate account for each program …..

  16. says

    Clickbank is a one of the most popular program amomg bloggers, Flipcart, amazon, hostgator & lots of other websites can let you earn awesome income

  17. says

    Very useful article for a newbie. What is the idol time to join affiliate programs? If the blog have low traffic and just a one month old… Kulwant earned his $10 after 7 months when he started blogging. :O

  18. says

    Awesome list of affiliate programs for bloggers. I am a newbie in blogging, I will surely use some of them to earn some money through affiliate marketing.
    Really Nice share. Thanks :)

  19. says

    Really nice list of affiliate programs. I have tried shareasale and it has provided me good results plus they pay on time. I am also thinking of trying hosting affiliates pls give me you opinion on it.

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