A Must Read Guide Before Buying Hosting

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Hosting no doubt work as backbone for your website/blog.

The First step of blogging journey is selection of good domain and the second and most important step is the selection of HOSTING. Because your all data is on that server. While selecting the hosting service some common things must be take care.



Here are the things to consider before selecting the Hosting.

1. Budget

The very first thing to consider is what is your budge? All of the newbie bloggers have the low budget because they are afraid of this arena. You must select low budget hosting for the starting few months. From my suggestion you must select monthly basis or 3 months basis payment option. Because in between if you think that you cannot continue your blogging then you can save your money.

2. What is FREE

Some Companies provide FREE stuff when you select the hosting from them. Like FREE Google ads coupons, FREE Facebook ads coupon, FREE WordPress Themes, FREE WordPress Plugins or FREE EMAILS with the Hosting service. So you must have researched well before selection that which company is providing which Service so that you will enjoy the Paid service FREE of cost and this will gives you little satisfaction also.

3. Disk Space and Bandwidth

How much space the company is giving you for hosting your website. This is the space where your all data will be stored. You can select the space according your project and analyze how much space your are going to occupy in Future. Second thing is Bandwidth and it should be normally high so that your visitors cannot have problem in Future. Bandwidth is the space that how many visitors your Hosting provider can tolerate at a time.

4. Ease of Installation

How much easy is the installation of different scripts. Like HostGator have Fantastico which is too much easy to install WordPress and have QuickInstall which install almost all of the famous scripts.

5. Customer Support (Most Important)

This is the Most Most Important things to Consider. Because as a newbie you will have a lots of problem like if you do something wrong and website is not working, you installed some wrong plugin, deleted your database by mistake etc. If your Hosting Provide have good customer support then they will solve the problem very quickly otherwise you have to depend on others. So make sure your Hosting Provider have 24×7 Customer Support.

6. Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee should be there. If with any reason you don’t like the service provider you must be able to claim them to give your money back.

7. Up Time

Up time plays a important role in your website popularity and its authenticity. Because if your visitor will see that your website is down then there is a very less probability that he/she will come again to access your website. Select the company properly which is having more than 99% uptime.

8. Company’s Background

What is the company’s background?

Where its server is located?

How many websites are hosted on this server?

and most important how many satisfied customer the company is having?

You can know this by searching on Google ” Review about XYZ Company“.

9. Migration

After spending few days in blogging some bloggers thinks that their service provider is not good and they want to shift all their data on another server. But some companies charge heavy money for the migration. So you must consider that is it possible with that server to migrate on another and if YES then how much is the cost of migration.

10. Script Support

There should be almost all of the script installation compatibility. The Scripts like WordPress, Joomla, bbPress, php, image gallery, flash website etc. If your service provider is having all these scripts support then it is a good provider and you can go for it.

So, now you must be having clear picture in mind that how to select the hosting service. Do write Comments if you have any another suggestion.

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  1. Nishant Tripathi says

    you said correct for a newbie blogger monthly paid service is best…. but it becomes a problem when your blog is new and you have to pay after every month…. Three months can be alright.. it will cost u less as well as give you enough time to develop your blog and capability..

  2. says

    Thanks for the info, I was planning to buy a hosting this year. I want my .blogspot name to be removed, I will consider your tips, ciao! ;.)

  3. says

    Kulwant, Very helpful guide to all beginners, i remember when i first tried hosting in the not so popular hosting service and was not happy with the service, most of the service offered were good like, the customer support was good, all the scripts were available for installation,had sufficient disk space and bandwidth and also money back guarantee, the only problem i faced was the uptime, they had mentioned 99% uptime in their site but most of the times the site was down and very slow, In just 3 months i moved to other hosting service.

  4. says

    Nice Post Kulwant. But i want to ask you that Most of the bloggers try to host on HostGator while BlueHost is considered as Best, whereas the points you mentioned does not make any difference between them, then why bloggers prefer HostGator more?

    • says

      HostGator is known for its support. They are having world class support service and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

      In blogging career we get too many issues and if our site is hosted on good server then they can solve our issues.
      This is the top reason why people buy HostGator Hosting.

      If you still have any query, you can ask.

  5. says

    Yes hosting service can prove effective for your site/blog popularity if you will not get best service from hosting server then how you will give better services to your customers/readers.

  6. Cudjoe says

    With all the above indicators, there is no doubt upwebhosting.com is going to make the list. It’s one useless web hosting which needs to be thrown out.

  7. says

    And which company you suggest me for purchasing the hosting HostGator or Bluehost ? Looking to buy one for my blog.

  8. says

    At first i hosted my wordpress blog on the Zyma hosting which i won in a give away latter, they suspended my account without giving proper reason for it,
    they just mailed me the backup of my files and now i shifted to the Bluehost :)

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