9 Ideas to promote your presence on social networks

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Maintaining presence on one or more social networks is a very good initiative, as well as a point of personal and professional. It remains very important to increase the visibility of these presences, if anything they will prove to be little known, so little used, and probably not meet your expectations.

So here are 9 ideas to promote your presence on social networks , which I hope will be useful to you in your conquest of the web. I hope you will enjoy reading and it will be helpful to you.


1. Add icons leading to your accounts on your website

You can begin to display some icons leading to various social networks (neither too much nor too little, I currently offers four; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and RSS feed)) in the menu of your website.

These links have the particularity to regulate, and thus enable the click instinctive from the Internet, especially if you have a blog or a target accustomed to using the internet.

2. Add your contact information in your email signature

I use a plugin; WiseStamp (Firefox add-on) very useful, as I discovered recently, which allows you to customize very effectively signing your email account Yahoo or Gmail .

WiseStamp parameters are very easy and quick, and you will be able to display your attendance at the end of each email, one way ergonomic and attractive . This module can even view the last part of your RSS feed !

3. Choose the same email address for your support and registration

It is important not to destabilize users using different email addresses on social networks.

You could then plant them, or simply do not allow them to see you in a few clicks, especially when these networks canretrieve contacts via his email address (as do e.g Facebook or Twitter). However, you are not forced to create an address dedicated solely to social networks.

4. Show your name at the end of article, or more generally on your site

If you have a blog, do not hesitate to add a frame (via a plugin, or via code development) showing your identity, let’s call it your “card”.

You can also view this information (always connected to your contact details on various social networks) in one of the menus of your site, for example, but not to expect anything otherwise abuse your readers get bored and provoke a negative reaction.

5. Display widgets resuming your activity on these networks

You may have noticed, many bloggers or website owners present to their Facebook FanPage or their business twitter account in right sidebar. It always helps increasing your social presence. Feel free to show your presence to attract attention or interest.

6. Link your accounts together to accentuate your visibility

As you may know, the main social networks have quickly understood the importance of linking their activities to be effective, and now offer users “link accounts” from one network to another. You can post on Facebook or LinkedIn directly from Twitter, Friendfeed and allows you to concentrate several activities. Use this process to be sure to receive a maximum of consumers.

7. Feel free to link to your accounts in your “About” page

Although this alternative is less effective than the previous, but “there are no small profits”. So, provide your contact information from various social networks on your “About Us” page, as they are more likely to be visited: Know someone who visits this page on your website focuses necessarily that you and places that you can find.

8. Make a user jump from one network to another

You can also submit your online presence on social networks, with the key to the growth of your communities. If you are on Facebook, mark your Twitter account in your details. If you’re on Twitter, display a background indicating your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, as well as your website or email address. The possibilities are many, so do not skip.

9. Add a “footer” in your newsletters with “social” icons

Finally, the last idea after my own experience and a some discovery, you can add a “footer” (you know, a “menu down” ) in your newsletters in which you insert some icons, ideally the same as those presented in point 1. Via a tracking newsletters, I was able to discover that these links were clicked particularly, certainly more than the average for other links.

If you have any questions, or any improvement to bring the contents of this article, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments of this article.

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  1. says

    Nice tips bro, I was using social networking sites for increasing my online traffic but may have rarely used the tips you have stated above. Nice work will the tips in mind. I will update my social networking account following your tips. Socail networking sites are a valuable source to get more audience.

  2. Herbal Incense says

    Hi Yogesh,
    Excellent tips. I have been using Facebook and twitter to get traffic on my website. I have made my facebook and twitter account with the name of my company it works awesome. I have seen that most of the facebook users comes to my website and they spend a lot of time. If you have made a good facebook page then you can get traffic !
    Thank you

    • says

      Most Welcome and Thanks for your valuable comment. Social networks are one of the major sources of visitors on a blog or website and thats why it becomes necessary to increase your presence on social networks and thats the post about.

  3. Anurag says

    Awesome post bro, everything you have stated here is 100% correct and I don’t think that this post need anymore improvement. Thanks for the SHARE. 😀

  4. Syed Danial @ DasHingHub says

    Social media is 2nd best traffic source to my site. and i don’t think Displaying your author under author bio is that much important

  5. says

    Valid points mentioned here! Adding our name at the end of the articles and in email signatures will really let the other person know about us and gradually, can lead to more engagement on social media profiles.

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