6 Questions Which You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting a Blog

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Nowadays, writing a blog has become very well-known among a large group of web users. Blogging is a Social Platform which joins many Internet users together with a large block of info. Blogging is known as the father of Social networking media, which is very well-known these days. Blogging is not only done to discuss details, but also to promote business & services among web users.

Blog writers all over the globe are writing blogs adequately to provide all kind of information on news, and up-dates to the users all over the world. There are many individual blogs that are intended to discuss personal information, like for instance a celebrity blog is intended to connect with fans across the globe. Creating blog is so simple nowadays and everyone has a blog. Just because everyone has a blog does not mean everyone should have a blog.

Managing an effective blog can be very difficult, traumatic, and tedious, but it can also generate many advantages. Before starting a blog I think you should ask yourself some questions.


What are your Goals or Objectives for Your Blog?

It is important to ask yourself the purpose for starting a blog. Many people begin writing a weblog because everyone is writing a blog or because they think by starting a blog and writing two-posts they are going to become a popular blog writer instantaneously. Those are not the factors to begin blogging!

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You must have an obvious purpose that what exactly will be the objective of writing a blog. If you fall short in identifying the objective or purpose for your Blog, you will never become an effective blog writer. Establishing the right objectives will help you to observe the improvement of your Blog. The objectives are determined by the topic that your Blog will be based on.

Do I have Time to Manage My Blog?

A perfect blog writer must have the plan for publishing content in his/her blog. It relies on the topic about which you are publishing in your Blog. As soon as you have the newest up-dates on the topic, publish it and make it available for your viewers. You must take care of the point that you will only publish material which is exclusive, clean and not duplicated from any other resource. Search engines are  very tight in their plan of prohibiting those Blogs which have duplicated material from other resources. If you embrace such methods you may get your Blog prohibited completely by Google.

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Writing a blog and keeping a blog is not as simple as it looks. It is a big liability especially if you have strategy on having an effective blog. It is essential to have enough a time to set aside for your Blog. I have seen way too many times blogs that are set up and are soon discontinued. It needs a time to create an excellent and original post. If you do not have time to blog it may be in your best attention to just not start a blog.

Keep in mind; you do not have to publish daily. It is your website and you have the right to set your routine. But being constant is very essential in the blogosphere. It does not occur instantaneously.

Whom do you want to reach with your blog?

Now, this should be fairly obvious; for example, if you have a company that offers Barbie items, then your prospective viewers are Barbie toy lovers, right? However, I’ve seen a ton of sites out there that obviously believe search engines are mind readers: they should know that when you say one factor, you actually mean another.

Search engines are not mind readers, they’re generally robots or like computer applications, and Google need a bit of help to discover your blog or website and link your related customers/audience to your Blog.

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That’s where targeting your audience comes in. To make a retrievable/search able Blog, you must know who you are writing for. Your viewers know what they want and what they are looking for, and you must know what that is before you can provide what they want.

What platform (If a platform at all) do I want to use for my blog?

There are so many excellent platforms out there that create it simple to set up a blog such as WordPress, Joomla as well as many more. But determining on which one to use is very much an individual option. It may be an amazing concept to try to check out all of them and see which one performs best for you. You do not want to be like me and be on a foundation that you are disappointed with and have to shift all your material later.

If you are acquainted with a certain platform it may be best to keep with that. It is very personal decision on which you select but you should do some analysis before determining what is best for you and your Blog. Beginning on a platform that is the first result that you discover on a search engine may not perform for you later on and you may repent the negligence later on.

Can I afford to blog?

Creating blog can have a price. Remember charges such as buying a Host and renewing it yearly as well as per month may be too much for your pocket-money. These are not essential to begin a blog but are suggested. Before beginning a blog make sure you and your pocket-money can manage it.

How will I manage my blog’s progress?

After getting through all such specialized stuff, finally your website is ready to Publish. But, releasing blog does not mean that you have done it all. You need to have a right set of plan for the marketing of your blog by various methods. You can have high quality back links for your blog by posting it in internet article directories and social bookmarking sites. You can also use social media promotion programs like Facebook, twitter etc for the promotion of your blog in order to increase visitors and traffic.

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Writing a blog is an incredibly fulfilling encounter and I am excited that I am still blogging these days but just like anything it is not for everyone. The key aspect is to blog about something you are enthusiastic about and for me I am doing just that. And that is what is so excellent about the blogging.

Finally I would like to say that you should have a clear picture in mind about each and every aspect before starting a blog. If you will be able to collect and manage all the mentioned things then you need to worry about much.

Blogging is a complete research of mind as well market. If you have done all the things perfectly then you are going to see shining future in blogging ahead.

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  1. says

    Hello Sallu,
    I do agree with you that these questions that you have highlighted are really great for a newbie blogger even before starting his blog. Choosing the best platform and managing time for content update is important for your blog. So, it has to be keep in mind. Thanks for the share!!

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Thanks For appreciating My word Aditi.!
      Having a Bit of concern with the seniors is also must. I lost many because I didn’t consult with anyone that how to start,Where to start !

  2. hitman says

    Nice article Bro..
    beginners must know these steps before start bloging.
    i’am shocked your are just 16 ?
    gr8 man you have well enough knowlege keep going..
    Gud luck

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Thanks for appreciating !
      Skills come with time , whether it comes before or after,You just Don’t have to stop Your creativity.
      Just Keep on going,And you will not even know when you reached your destination.

  3. says

    Great 6 questions. I believe if you can answer these 6 questions first before you start a blog, you will be on your way to blogging success!

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Well Said Jasmine !
      We should have Prepared plans to have our success in the Blogging World !Many People do leave blogging because the don’t have any idea what they are blogging about !

    • Salman Ahmad says

      i see people blogging randomly with out having a solid plan.And surely these kind of people are on the wrong way .

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Blogging on Pirated softwares,games etc is just a wastage of time.If You want to have your name in society or you want to make interactions with the people all around the world then you should try some other niche and stick to it !

  4. says

    Good six questions to ask ourselves.. I didn’t know the answer for the last question but now I know. your post helped a lot to understand me should I have a blog or not? I guess wordpress, blog.com and blogger are really nice platforms to start blogging.

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Thanks For reading Through the Post !
      I guess WordPress is more helpful than Blog.com or Blogger although Blog.com is much similar to WordPress.

  5. Anurag says

    Thanks for the post. I have asked myself each of the question you listed above and I think I have done a great job. A must post for all the newbies.

  6. says

    Finding your proper audience in must in blogging and the biggest question that every newbie blogger should ask themselves is who will be reading my blog and what’s in my blog. This a topic which I’ve couple of months ago in my guest post at Basic Blog Tips.

    Thanks for writing on this Salman.

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Well Said Ehsan Ullah !
      People get dropped from their blogging career just because they don’t know what they are doing.Making a list of plans before doing anything can take them to a next Level.Few Days Back,i was just getting a Same question from readers that how can they manage time ,I Said “Determination,Determination Can Make it all Possible to automatically manage your time”

  7. bloomtools says

    thanks for sharing this post. Blogging is a great way to share useful and updated information with the users. It helps great to get more traffic. a nice and a helpful post for bloggers.

  8. Jeniffer says

    Hey Salman,
    Excellent post. I think most of the bloggers are blogging because they have listened that there is too much money in online work but seriously you have to do hard work to earn money from blogging !
    If some one has passion to do blogging then he can do it for a long term !
    Thank you

    • Salman Ahmad says

      Well Said Jeniffer !
      I have seen many people those who think that they are blogging because they are supposed to,This is also a very Big error in them .

  9. says

    thanxx for sharing your experience with us after reading this article, now i can point out my mistakes.
    Would you like to suggest some thing related to my blog so that i can make some improvements……

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