4 Ways To Take Your Blog Promotion Offline

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When we talk about blog promotion, most of the time we’re talking about online methods. Those include social media, link building, blogger outreach, pay-per-click, and other forms of garnering attention. Bloggers will do well to examine all of those methods and balance their promotion strategies among them.

Many, if not most, bloggers miss out on less common yet potentially useful forms of promotion. And, because so many bloggers miss the boat, these forms of promotion are even more effective. There’s just one catch: they involve taking your blog promotion offline. The opportunities out in the real world can prove to be a big boost for your blog.


These are the way for offline blog promotion

1. Conferences and conventions

The age of the internet has caused a boom in the number of conferences and conventions held every year. Each one of them provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from and interact with members of their community. Perhaps no groups has been more greatly affected than bloggers. There are conferences for every kind of blogger.

There are conferences just for bloggers. These allow bloggers to meet up and talk shop, comparing experiences. There are also industry conferences. Tech bloggers, for instance, flock to the annual CES convention every January. It’s where they can learn more about their industry. Both types of conferences afford bloggers the opportunity to promote themselves.

It’s not as easy as signing up and going. You’ll have to attend events and reach out to people. But no matter what the kind of conference, it’s a chance for bloggers to promote themselves in ways they cannot online.

2. Meet-ups and mixers

In the early days of the internet, people were cautious about meeting up in real life. How did we know people were who they said they were? In recent times that mindset has changed. People make real life connections through online beginnings. Bloggers can leverage this to create offline buzz for their blogs.

Hosting meet-ups and mixers is a great way to bring people together in a jovial setting. Even better: ask them to bring along a friend who is a non-reader. That way you can spread awareness of your blog in the most effective way possible: word of mouth.

Setting up one of these events is easy, too. It’s about organizing around some of your key readers, finding a time and location that works for many of them. Invite everyone, and they will come.

3. Physical promotional items

Believe it or not, people do step away from the computer from time to time. What many bloggers don’t realize is that this is a prime time to capture their attentions. You might not be able to catch them in front of a TV — TV ad time is far too expensive for most bloggers. But you can print up promotional items that they will see.

It is easy to re-purpose fundraising stickers to fit your blog. You can place these stickers in places where people will notice them. And who doesn’t stop to examine a sticker when they walk by it? Best of all, promotional items like this are super cheap. You can get hundreds of them for less than a day’s worth of ad revenues.

Remember, people see more than the computer screen. Bloggers have great opportunities to promote themselves by taking advantage of this non-screen time.

4. Speaking engagements

Have something to say? That’s great, because there are people who want to hear you. They might not want to hear you right now, but if you take a few steps you can step up into the world of speaking. Not only can that earn you money, but it will more importantly earn you notoriety as a blogger. There might be no more prominent form of offline promotion.

At ProBlogger, Valerie Khoo wrote a great guest post on getting speaking gigs. Follow her steps, and you can leverage your blog and find speaking gigs. You’ll start small at first, but speaking gigs tend to snowball. Once you have a few under your belt, bigger players will start to notice. And that’s the whole point, right? To get noticed.

Finally Words!!

These are some of the best ways to raise voice of your blog and for a better blog promotion. These 4 ways will help you to make your identity much wider.

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  1. Mukesh Dutta says

    Very informative and a new kind of post. It reminds me that blogging needs to be looked upon as a business rather than just blog!
    Visiting cards can help a lot in promoting yourself and your blog offline!

  2. says

    Hey Joe Pawlikowski, Nice article bro. I feel Meet-ups and Physical promotional items are the best ways to promote our blog offline. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. says

    Hi Joe,
    These are great examples. I’m convinced businesses offering services online, bloggers included, don’t think enough about offline ways to promote what they do. It’s especially effective if what you offer is still focused largely on a particular geographic location or if you happen to be located in the same area as much of your audience. This is the case more often then many bloggers realize. Check your analytics to see where your traffic is originating. Yep, there may be more coming from your home town or surrounding area than you ever thought. Be sure to tap into this audience with a bit more effort in the community. Thanks to Kulwant Nagi for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

  4. ahsan says

    wow great way to promote offline thanks for sharing this beacause its very helpful tips for and for every blogger as well

  5. Joy says

    Awesome post, But i still feel you need keep aside a budget for your promotion and especially offline promotion. Offline promotion if done in a proper way can reap lots of benefits for you and as well as your blog.

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