10 Tips To Become A Failed Blogger

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You might be very confuse after reading the title of the article. :)

I know you are !!

and this is very obvious.

You might have seen many bloggers writing how to become successful blogger, how to get success in blogging, how to get success online and many other success tips.

But why these tips to become failed blogger?

Don’t worry, Here I am not going to share the tips which you need to follow to become failed blogger :)

So what is different in this article which I am going to tell you?

Failed Blogger

Sit relax to read the tips which can lead you to become failed blogger.

I have compiled a list of the don’t do things. Read them carefully.

1. Writing Crappy Headlines

This is one of the mistake which most of the bloggers make. I confess that I was also one of the guy who did this mistake to write crappy headlines. I made the headlines of my articles without even knowing that what people were searching on search engines.

We must use catchy headlines so that when user will see them they must be excited to see the content inside.

Writing magnetic headlines and crafting them with curiosity is one of the best way to drive traffic as well as to engage more readers.

2. Using difficult language

If the language you are using in your content is difficult to understand, then you are going to lose big number of returning visitors on your blog. Because visitors come back to visit the site of your content in unique as well as easy to understand.

Always try to insert simple words instead of high-fi words which are difficult to understand.

3. Wasting too much time on Social Media

This is one of the curse which is too much common in all newbies. They keep wasting their time on Facebook, Twitter and on other social media instead of learning the things from professional writers.

Few days back I said Bye Bye Facebook and there was huge improvement in my work.

Our first aim should be to write compelling content so that we can interact with more audience.

4. Copy Pasting Articles and Quality vs Quantity

This practice is very common in newbie blogger that they keep copying articles from the blogs of the same niche and then writing on their blog.

Never try to write big crappy articles because you are not only wasting your time but visitors time too.

This practice will not only lead you to get banned from Google but your are going to lose trust of your readers too.

Always try to write content with your own creativity in the content.

5. Hitting publish without reading article carefully

If you are not read proofing your article then there is the probability that you will be caught in controversy.

Read your article twice before hitting the publish button and once after making it live. Because if you have wrote anything wrong then you are going to face problem in future and readers don’t love such things.

6. Too lazy to respond comments

Responding comments is the best way to interact and appreciate the readers on your blog.

If you know how to comment like a pro but don’t know how to respond the comment on your blog then all your efforts are in vein.

Spend some time to reply on your comments and solve the queries of they have any.

7. Always worrying about traffic

Checking traffic again and again is addiction. In starting days people are so much worried about traffic that they keep refreshing the browser to see if they are getting visitors on their blog or not.

This practice not only wasting your too much time because this is making impact on your mind also. Because if traffic is less. you are going to take tension, which can become worse if you are not paying proper attention.

Keep writing quality content. Traffic is by-product.

if people are loving your content then they will be back on your blog to check again.

8. Not Promoting your article

If you are relaxing after hitting the PUBLISH button then get up and start the promotion work.

Read4 Must Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers

and Some Unknown Social Media Websites to Get HUGE Traffic

9. Not making bonding with bloggers of your niche

Making connection with other bloggers is most important thing if you want to see yourself as Authority Blogger.

Making interaction will let you understand their work and you can get tips from them.

10. Not investing money on your blog

This is the biggest mistake which bloggers are making.

I follow the rule, “Earn.. Invest.. Expend..”

I am very much active on Social Media and I see people daily uploading gadgets on their wall saying, “I bought this from my blogging earning“.

It’s very rare to see when I saw people saying I invested this much on my blog to expend it.

Friends your blog is your biggest property so instead of wasting money on gadgets spend some money on your blog design or buy some premium products. This will boost your confidence and you will be more dedicated for your blog.

Final Words !!

Finally I would like to say that of you are caught in any of the practices above then its time to think upon it.

Decide that in which category you want to see yourself.

Failed or Successful?

Now your turn !!

It’s your time to interact with me and share your views.

Share this article with your fellow bloggers so that they can know the tips. 😉

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  1. Mohsin Ali says

    I was shocked to read the title but than you elaborate the theme of this article very well. You are very right in saying that investing on blogs is very important specially in this era of Google Algo updates.

    • says

      Mohsin, Many people are going to take this article in wrong way only. But after landing on article they will clear their doubts like you.

      And Yes, we must invest the money on blog.

  2. Ramesh Upadhyay says

    Nice article Kulwant. I have wasted lot of time on social media. Thanks for tips.

  3. says

    One very important point you forget in this whole article- Research. It is the research that separate your blog post with others, otherwise, i don’t think right now we are doing something special or writing very unique. Am i right Kuldeep.

    • says

      Yes Rakesh. Research is one of the starting thing where most of the bloggers failed. They even don’t know about their interest and pick the topic to blog where there is no interest of them. Everyone must spend time on Research.

      Thanks for adding value in the article.

  4. SE Flame says

    thanks for the article, will share it ! Some of my fellow webmasters just sit on social media sites and dont act.

  5. Mukul Bansal says

    This is really what a a newbie like me should follow in order to be called a blogger… I really inspire you and want to become like you one day.. :)
    One thing i don’t understand is, where to find topics to write on…. ?? Can you help me with this problem of mine

  6. Mukesh Dutta says

    Hi Kulwant,
    I knew there must be something interesting inside the post irrespective of what the title is saying! What you have expressed is absolutely correct and these are the things that happen to most new bloggers. But as time passes and bloggers carry on with their activities, they start understanding their mistakes. Articles like this help them know if they are moving on the wrong track!
    Thanks a lot!

    • says

      Mukesh, you are understanding me slowly slowly. 😉

      Thanks for being my loving reader. If anyone starting blogging in your friends circle then pass this article to him/her.

      Cheers !!

  7. says


    Your title is very attractive. Thanks for sharing great article tips which we need to follow in creating best bloggers. This is very useful article for online bloggers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  8. says

    I Think we should avoid the facebook social media platform specially.Because we are wasting so much time on the facebook rather than facebook we have try to work for our blog.

    • says

      Ravi, Facebook gave huge business too. But people keep wasting time there. We must concentrate on first blog first then we should move to social media.

  9. Kent Morris says

    I am agree with all your post. I am just curious more about on quantity vs quality.,. But nonetheless you have a great post.

    Thank you

  10. Narender Chopra says

    I agree with the last point. As a starter you need to invest something like Buying a good looking theme and some useful plugins. We can’t expect much profit without investing.

  11. Sarah Park says

    Very good points! Blogging is quite a daunting task I should say. But in the end, everything actually pays off.

  12. says

    after reading your article. I really feel bloggers fail. I do a lot of things and not just spend time writing quality news. starting today I’ll write a story for the benefit of people and sought out by others in the search engines.

    • says

      Sulham, I am seeing you first time on my blog. So warm welcome on Blogging Cage.

      Feeling great to hear that you are going to take action now.

      All the very best and keep visiting us.

  13. says

    Nice tips bro i think copyrighting content is biggest mistake of new blogger because Google can reject your blog for posting copyright content .On my own experience when i start new blog i used one copyright post and my application rejected for Google adsense…… 10 Tips Before You Start Your New Blog

    • says

      Swapnil, this is a curse in our society that people copy paste the content. You are right, as there is more probability that Google will not approve account if anyone is copying the content.

  14. Yash says

    Funny article.. Indirect meaning.. How to become a pro blogger.. Avoid these and voila your a pro. Kulwant do take a look at my site too.

  15. says

    Nice points. I want to add one more tips which is attitude. Our attitude is the most important which is including discipline. Without good discipline we never go further!!

  16. Sudipto says

    Hi Kulwant,
    Nice post with great information and I really enjoyed this post while reading and I think this post gonna help all the newbies. I totally agree with you that the title should be eye catching and I think we have to update regularly our blog and also make backlinks continuously are the main thing by which we can get success in bloggiong. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • says

      Thanks a lot for such nice words Sudipto.

      I am writing for newbies only and giving my best to help them in blogging. Keep visiting us for awesome tips.

  17. Asif Khan says

    What! You really wrote this article 😛 Well, what can I say now? The points you have mentioned are truly the reason behind a blogger’s failure. I think headlines play an important role as these are the one that convince a user to visit a blog. Bloggers also these days spend too much time on social networking sites which also affects their productivity.

  18. rohit batra says

    thank you sir thank you very much for this article. because i want to start my own blog but was having some confusion but reading your articles made me to come on a solution for that how to proceed. really heartly thank you again sir. :)

  19. says

    All Th Tips Are Good And The Post is Explained Well . But I Dont Think You Have to Invest Money To Become A Good Blogger . Invest Money Only For The Domain And hosting . I Think Only This Is Enough . So You arE correct . Sometimes , You have to invest money for The Domain . Revising The article before publishing is also a nice method .

    • says

      Rizwan, we need to invest too much money on the things like theme, plugins, backlinking and few others. Even if you don’t want to invest money then there is no problem, but after investing little money you can boost your blog.

      • says

        Yes , If you are Using WordPress , You have to Buy the themes , plugins , hosting etc. But if You are using blogger , No need to buy Hosting or Plugins . Even The templates Are Available for free . That Too , Professional ones . So , i was talking about blogger . Surely , If we are depending on WordPress , you have to spend money .

  20. Rahul Kashyap says

    Hello Kulwant, I am agree your all point and after reading your this post now all confusion removed of new bloggers so thanks for this post and keep posting like this article 😀

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