10 Tips To Become A Failed Blogger

You might be very confuse after reading the title of the article. :)

I know you are !!

and this is very obvious.

You might have seen many bloggers writing how to become successful blogger, how to get success in blogging, how to get success online and many other success tips.

But why these tips to become failed blogger?

Don’t worry, Here I am not going to share the tips which you need to follow to become failed blogger :)

So what is different in this article which I am going to tell you?

Failed Blogger

Sit relax to read the tips which can lead you to become failed blogger.

I have compiled a list of the don’t do things. Read them carefully.

1. Writing Crappy Headlines

This is one of the mistake which most of the bloggers make. I confess that I was also one of the guy who did this mistake to write crappy headlines. I made the headlines of my articles without even knowing that what people were searching on search engines.

We must use catchy headlines so that when user will see them they must be excited to see the content inside.

Writing magnetic headlines and crafting them with curiosity is one of the best way to drive traffic as well as to engage more readers.

2. Using difficult language

If the language you are using in your content is difficult to understand, then you are going to lose big number of returning visitors on your blog. Because visitors come back to visit the site of your content in unique as well as easy to understand.

Always try to insert simple words instead of high-fi words which are difficult to understand.

3. Wasting too much time on Social Media

This is one of the curse which is too much common in all newbies. They keep wasting their time on Facebook, Twitter and on other social media instead of learning the things from professional writers.

Few days back I said Bye Bye Facebook and there was huge improvement in my work.

Our first aim should be to write compelling content so that we can interact with more audience.

4. Copy Pasting Articles and Quality vs Quantity

This practice is very common in newbie blogger that they keep copying articles from the blogs of the same niche and then writing on their blog.

Never try to write big crappy articles because you are not only wasting your time but visitors time too.

This practice will not only lead you to get banned from Google but your are going to lose trust of your readers too.

Always try to write content with your own creativity in the content.

5. Hitting publish without reading article carefully

If you are not read proofing your article then there is the probability that you will be caught in controversy.

Read your article twice before hitting the publish button and once after making it live. Because if you have wrote anything wrong then you are going to face problem in future and readers don’t love such things.

6. Too lazy to respond comments

Responding comments is the best way to interact and appreciate the readers on your blog.

If you know how to comment like a pro but don’t know how to respond the comment on your blog then all your efforts are in vein.

Spend some time to reply on your comments and solve the queries of they have any.

7. Always worrying about traffic

Checking traffic again and again is addiction. In starting days people are so much worried about traffic that they keep refreshing the browser to see if they are getting visitors on their blog or not.

This practice not only wasting your too much time because this is making impact on your mind also. Because if traffic is less. you are going to take tension, which can become worse if you are not paying proper attention.

Keep writing quality content. Traffic is by-product.

if people are loving your content then they will be back on your blog to check again.

8. Not Promoting your article

If you are relaxing after hitting the PUBLISH button then get up and start the promotion work.

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9. Not making bonding with bloggers of your niche

Making connection with other bloggers is most important thing if you want to see yourself as Authority Blogger.

Making interaction will let you understand their work and you can get tips from them.

10. Not investing money on your blog

This is the biggest mistake which bloggers are making.

I follow the rule, “Earn.. Invest.. Expend..”

I am very much active on Social Media and I see people daily uploading gadgets on their wall saying, “I bought this from my blogging earning“.

It’s very rare to see when I saw people saying I invested this much on my blog to expend it.

Friends your blog is your biggest property so instead of wasting money on gadgets spend some money on your blog design or buy some premium products. This will boost your confidence and you will be more dedicated for your blog.

Final Words !!

Finally I would like to say that of you are caught in any of the practices above then its time to think upon it.

Decide that in which category you want to see yourself.

Failed or Successful?

Now your turn !!

It’s your time to interact with me and share your views.

Share this article with your fellow bloggers so that they can know the tips. ;)