10 Plugins Which I Am Using On All of My Blogs

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If you are one of the WordPress lover then you must be aware that there are 23,000+ FREE plugins in WordPress Repository.

Plugins have made WordPress so much wonderful platform that you cannot even thing about the WordPress without plugins. Developers have introduced too much plugins that for every task you can find plugins and you can optimize your blog very brilliantly.

Selecting plugins for your blog is one of the important task to run a perfect blog. Because some plugins are too heave that they can increase the loading time of your blog. Which can make negative impact on SEO of your blog.


Here I am going to share 10 plugins which I am using on all of my blogs (I am using other plugins too, but these are common on all my blogs)


You will get this plugin pre-installed when you will install new WordPress blog. This plugin do very good task to combat spams. You can get your Akismet API here.

Broken Link Checker

I shared about this plugin in my post 4 days back and you can check the post here. This plugin will help you to remove all the unwanted and 404 error pages, links from your blog.

Capability Manager

If you are running multi-author blog then this is one of the must use plugin. This plugin will let you make the custom roles and capabilities to registered users. You can give them permission to edit posts, upload media, delete posts etc.


This is a premium plugin which I am using on all my blog as this is giving me freedom to do on-page SEO. You can read the review about this plugin here.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will help you to generate sitemap for your blog. So that Google will know about your blog when they will crawl your blog. This plugin will automatically create sitemap for your blog according to the setting you will do in this plugin.

Limit Login Attempts

These days it have become very common to hack WordPress blogs so I am using this plugin to protect by blog from hackers. This plugin will check the the number of times user is trying to login at your WordPress blog. If they are trying random passwords then this plugin will block that IP Address.

Pretty Link Lite

If you are thinking to promote affiliate links on your blog then this FREE plugin will be very helpful for you. This plugin use to cloak affiliate links on your blog.

SEO Friendly Images

This plugin will help you to make good SEO for your images so that you can attract more visitors on your blog. This plugin will automatically add meta ALT and Title tag according to your article headline.

W3 Total Cache

This is the plugin which is helping me to make Google Happy. :) As Google love the blogs which have less loading time.

After using this plugin you can improve the loading speed of your blog. If you want to read in detail about this plugin you can check this.

WP Optimize

This plugin will help you to removes extra load from your SQL. When you write any article and save that article again and again before publishing then it make an automatic revision.

Suppose you edited your post 10 time before publishing, this means your sql have 9 post revisions. These post revisions will take too much load on your database. You can use this plugin to optimize your database and to remove all spammy comments with just single click.

NOTE: I am not using any external SEO plugin on my blogs as all my blogs are powered by Genesis, which have inbuilt SEO Features. Genesis not only helping me to make my blog loading fast but I am getting rid of some plugins too.

Final Words !!

If you are thinking to start a new WordPress blog and worried about the plugins you must use then I would like to recommend all these plugins. Because they are very crucial plugins to run  a good website.

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  1. says

    Hey bro,
    I got the Broken Link Checker thanks to one of your posts and it’s helping a great deal. Now you have mentioned some other few I’m not using yet. I’m going to look detaily into them and update you again.

    Thanks for the very useful list

  2. says

    I’m still confused in caching plugins. WP Total Cache or Super Cache? Which one is the best? I heard some bad reviews of Total cache like it’s current version is less secure etc. Please share your view. Thanks for sharing your plugins list.

    • says

      BloggingAster, They keep releasing versions one after another so we cannot say that they are less secure. I am using this on all my blogs and pretty happy to use it.

  3. Jason says

    Limited login attempt plugin is the best to secure a site from hacking attempts. Google XML sitemap makes the blog pages index faster.

  4. Mahesh says

    first i say thanks a lot for this. as you know my blog i am searching plugin for images but don’t find any where. now i get this SEO Friendly Images plugin . and other 5 plugins are already installed now installing others to. once again thanks

  5. says

    thank you brother… these all are great plugins.. I installed all these plugins….
    I have a Question Brother… Which is best plugin for WP SEO…

  6. Taimoor says

    Thank you Kulwant for sharing these plugins and revealing some of your secrets 😀

  7. says

    Hi Kulwant, thanks for sharing. I think all bloggers including me wants to know what plugins or theme other are using on their blog. Currently, I’m using 21 plugins on my blog including the eight plugins you mentioned here.

  8. mohit says

    I have not used Limit Login Attempts on my blog,but will surely use this it on my blog.I am sure adding this plugin will help me to save my blog from the hackers.

  9. Dinesh says

    In the Blogging Domination guide, you said : – I, personally, have been using Platinum SEO on my blog, and I have my reasons for
    doing so.
    But in this post you said that you are not using any type of SEO plugin due to GENESIS Framswork ?

    • says

      Dinesh, First of all I would like to say thanks for going to through my book and finding the conflictions. At the time of writing that book I was using Platinum SEO only, but soon I shifted my blog to Genesis Framework.

      As Genesis have awesome inbuilt SEO, so I am no more using any plugins now.

      But I highly recommend newbies to use SEO plugins.

      • Dinesh says

        What you say if i purchase “Prose Theme + Genesis Framework” – $84.95

        Theme of this site -boardresults.net also provide inbuilt SEO free of cost theme, and features in fact support also.

        Which will be best for me ?

        Thanks in advance.

        • says

          Dinesh, You can go for Prose theme because that theme have very awesome features to change the design and feel of theme.

          All Genesis child theme have inbuilt SEO features so you can choose any good theme.

  10. Narender Chopra says

    I am amazed to see that I am also using nearly all of listed plugins on my blogs. I think along with limit login attempt plugin we should also use ” wp lockdown admin “. It helps to change default admin login URL to custom one.

  11. says

    Hi kulwant
    This is my first visit to site and I feel glad here nice article ‘limit login attempts’ plugin is very nice plugin I also use this :)
    Thanks for sharing valuable post …

  12. Waqar says

    Finally I am done with adding all these, Thanks, Kulwant but Easy WP SEO is costly so was not able to use that , never mind I think WordPress Seo is enough in the beginning.

  13. Aqib Shahzad says

    I am amazed to see that I am also using nearly all of listed plugins on my blog. Thanks for sharing the useful post.

  14. says

    Really useful. Thanks for sharing the list. I am a newbie should I use yoast plugin or something else for SEO. I heard that w3 total cache will compress all files and degrades the quality of images. is that true? Thank you.

  15. Bob Roman says

    Great resources and I’m using some of these plugins myself. I was reading recently that Broken link checker put quite a lot of strain on your database and I’m looking to replace it with off-site solutions to find broken links.
    I’ll give Easy WP SEO a try, thanks for mentioning it.

  16. says

    I already install all plugin in my website only one i don’t have use “wp-optimize” . I don’t know advantage of this plugin so can you please tell me why people are use this plugin in blog. I like this and i want to use this on my blog.


  17. says

    helpful for me, I am novice on WordPress, after install WordPress i couldn’t decided
    which plugin are best. I spend lots of time in install and uninstall wp plugin. Thanks for great post

  18. says

    I just want to know if meta slider is helpful as a plug-in. The main function of this plug-in is that it keeps on changing the images you have selected for display on the top of your posts. Does it reduce the uploading time of your blog?

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